what_is_tiato1Catherine An’s Market Garden Café concept was named after her mothers favorite ingredient. Tiato has been a staple ingredient in Chef Helene An, of the famous Crustacean Restaurants, cooking for over a decade. It is her favorite herb, chosen not only for its rich health benefits, but also for its bold and distinct flavor.

TIATO is a gourmet “grab and go” eatery and retail market offering fresh bites on the go, seat yourself cafe-style seating, full-service dining, a wine/beer and asian tapas bar, with outdoor garden seating.

what_is_tiato2Many of the menu items served will honor her mothers cooking philosophy that “one should eat what tastes good and is healthy,” while equally honoring her own philosophy that sometimes Ws ok to indulge yourself too.

Catherine and her mother, Helene, developed a simple menu of sophisticated global tastes, rich in antioxidants and organic immune boosting ingredients. Whether its a twist on one of Catherine’s favorite dishes created by her mother, or a more sinfully delicious creative snack combination, you can find yourself happily satisfied at this chic new concept by the youngest An.