BreakfastOwner Catherine An chose to name her restaurant concept and event space TIATO as an homage to her family’s rich heritage and her mother’s cooking philosophy. The name is a play on the Vietnamese herb tía tô, a favorite ingredient of both Catherine and her mother, Chef Helene An. Known as the An family matriarch who established the renowned Crustacean restaurants, Chef Helene An has used the tía tô leaf in her cooking for more than a decade, and it has become a staple ingredient at various House of An concepts. The tía tô herb, chosen not only for its rich health benefits but for its bold and distinct flavor, reflects the sensibility of Catherine’s creative menu.

The colors on the two sides of the tía tô leaf, purple and green, are expressed in TIATO’s logo and repeated as a motif throughout the restaurant itself. Like the tía tô leaf after which it was named, TIATO has two sides: a full-service restaurant and a gourmet, quick-service market area. This allows for a wide range of dining options. The TIATO menu can be savored in our elegant dining room, at our bar seating, on our outdoor communal table or relaxing umbrella tables, or at our juice and coffee bar, where you can order “grab ‘n’ go,” house-made items to enjoy in our quick-service seating area or to take with you to your desk or home.

Catherine’s menu features many items that honor her mother’s cooking philosophy: One should eat what tastes good and is healthy. Catherine believes that part of keeping a balance is letting yourself indulge a little too, which is why you’ll find scrumptious treats like our Gluten-Free Brownie and savory dishes like our Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Bisque alongside our health-conscious options.

With her mother’s assistance, Catherine developed a simple menu of sophisticated, global tastes, rich in antioxidants and organic, immune-boosting ingredients. You’ll find a blend of Catherine’s favorite childhood dishes, charmingly reimagined comfort foods, and nutritious, light fare at TIATO.

VARIETY: TIATO offers cultural favorites with a fresh, contemporary twist.

QUALITY: Great taste begins with great ingredients. TIATO is committed to buying the finest and freshest ingredients, many in support of local farmers. Some of our dishes even feature herbs and produce grown on site in TIATO’s very own patio garden.

BALANCE: At TIATO, eating right is about eating a meal that makes you feel good. TIATO provides a thoughtfully balanced, appetizing menu of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables, with enticingly indulgent items featured as well. The balance of these elements in our food is an expression of how committed we are to providing nourishment that balances the body, mind, and soul.